"We're so happy to have Lorie as our daughter's piano teacher. She's very professional, a pleasure to schedule and communicate with and a talented teacher."

Anna B., parent       June 5, 2016

"I love taking online lessons with Lorie! Not only is she an excellent teacher, but taking lessons online has been so convenient for me. It is so great to not have to take time out of the day to drive to and from lessons and find a sitter. I was initially skeptical but it is so functional and easy! Love it!"

Amberleigh B., student       April 14, 2016

"I'm an adult beginner - took a few lessons many years back and decided to try again about a year ago. I found that I really needed a teacher. I started taking piano lessons with Lorie at the end of last year, and I am super happy with my progress. I always look forward to my lessons. Lorie is an extremely motivating teacher - she is clearly dedicated to seeing me improve as a pianist. She's taught me so much already about technique and theory, but what I am especially impressed with is her ability to communicate clearly how to address those trouble spots and most importantly, how to bring out the "music" in a piece to make it sound great. I also really appreciate being able to work with her in picking out the pieces I will be learning, so that it's not just the fundamentals but also the music I love.

I also really like the online format of our lessons - it was hard for me to find a teacher nearby who would take on an adult student. The Skype lessons are super easy and convenient - which is just another plus with Lorie's top-notch teaching."

Megan R., student       April 13, 2017

"Great teacher! She takes the time to figure out what teaching approach will work best for you. She also has a genuine personality that finds joy in helping you learn."

Janelle S., student       April 7, 2016

"Very pleased with her approach and the lessons."

Holly K., student       March 20, 2016

"Had a great time taking lessons from Lorie. As an adult student, a weekly piano lesson gave me a creative escape from the day-to-day grind."

Bryan A., student       March 3, 2016 

"Lorie is amazing! She is so sweet and patient with my daughter. She is constantly encouraging her and giving her praise as well as feedback. She is really great about checking in with me to make sure our lesson time still works for our schedule and making sure my daughter is still engaged and interested in lessons. Lorie makes learning fun and tries to gently challenge her students so they feel accomplished and don't get bored or discouraged. I can't say enough good things about her!!"

Bridgette S., parent       December 2, 2015

"We made the transition from live classes with Lorie in the room to the virtual school with Lorie in another state. We were unsure how this would go, seemed like a crazy idea, but it has been just great. Our daughter continues to learn and to enjoy the piano."

Jay D., parent       November 20, 2015

"My understanding of music was greatly broadened by Lorie. She helped me grow so much as a piano player and was more supportive than I could have asked for! I learned what I wanted to learn, at my own pace, and she made everything clear for me. Highly recommended!"

Kaitlin A., student     November 27, 2015

"Lorie has been an amazing teacher to my daughter. We have been with her for 2 years and love her!"

Terra H., parent       November 24, 2015

"5 stars=outstanding! Lorie Bromley is a very effective music teacher, using either face-to-face or online methods. I have actually been surprised at how relaxed and effective the online lessons have been."

Arlene M., student (Lorie's mom)      November 24, 2015

"Very friendly and knowledgable! I've never played a musical instrument before, and she was very understanding and started with the basic of basics. Wonderfully compassionate teacher!"

Peyton R., student       November 23, 2015

"Silver Lake Piano has been incredible. It's clear Lorie's vision is founded on limitless ideals, and that makes the lessons so enjoyable."

Abby M., student       November 23, 2015